Sunday, July 15, 2012

How Can She Survive?

My friend who is a single. She is an immigrant who has no relatives in Toronto. She deposits her income into one of the major bank. She knew that this money could support her in the rest of the year. One day, she suddenly found that she had no money at all in her bank. She finally realized that the bank took all her money pay her credit card, plus the overdraft fees of the bank charge because of the money took by the bank. She had no money in her account and she had to pay the bank more money. Can we trust bank now? She had no choice but close her account.

 This year, she had the same experience in another bank. The bank withdrew $2000 from her account without any notice. My friend tried to manage to survive in the rest of this year. She tried to withdraw cash when she deposited her pay check. The bank didn't allow her to withdraw cash.

 I know the bank worries about bankruptcy like US bank. But, to the person like my friend who has clinical depression, isn't this fair to her? I hope that Canadian bank should not do this, otherwise, who can trust the bank. At the same time, I hope all the friends learn the lesson like my friend. Don't deposit any money to the bank because the bank is not trustworthy any more.